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What is EVOLA ?


An idea born in 2011 ...


In summer 2011, a group of electronics enthusiasts decided to create Evola: an online store in France, which brings together the materials to easily make all kinds of electronic projects. At that time, the open hardware showed renewed interest with the release of Arduino boards that have significantly improved access to the electronics for the vast majority of people.


... Still evolving


The open source hardware electronics is now well established in France and in the world. Industrial giants embark on the sector, open source technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and distributors are many.

We continue our support to the development of open hardware, distributing the products that seem most interesting. We also develop and produce our own original development boards and sensors.

Also, a physical shop opened its doors in late 2014 in the Paris region to allow local order pick-up.



What is the meaning of EVOLA ?


This word sounds like a nice « et voilà !» when an electronnic project is (finally) working. It's also similar to the word « evolution », but first of all EVOLA comes from Latin language.
« Evola » literally means « Start to fly »  or « Deploy your wings » . Just like to fly towards electronics world, now accessible with only a bit of patience, a lot of curiosity and imagination.
The Evola logo was inspired by a former open hardware logo project.