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    HackRF One from Great Scott Gadgets is a Software Defined Radio peripheral capable of transmission or reception of radio signals from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. Designed to enable test and development of modern and next generation radio technologies, HackRF One is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a USB peripheral or programmed for stand-alone...

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    The Dragino LoRa Shield is a long range transceiver for Arduino based on RFM95W. This LoRa Shield allows one to send data and reach extremely long ranges at low data-rates. It provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity with minimum current consumption.

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    This tiny board based on TP4056 IC let you charge a single-cell Lithium battery at 1A and allow you to power another circuit from the Lithium battery.

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    ESP32-DevKitC is a low-footprint, minimal system development board which is powered by our latest ESP-WROOM-32 module and can be easily adjusted to a breadboard.

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    The IRF9530NPBF is -100V single P channel HEXFET power MOSFET in TO-220AB package. This logic level MOSFET features extremely low on resistance per silicon area, dynamic dv/dt rating, rugged, fast switching.

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    This is an Arduino Ethernet Shield based on the Wiznet W5100 ethernet chip. This module allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet with the easy-to-use Arduino ethernet library. This board exposes the Arduino 1.0 pinout (rev 3) and also includes an onboard micro-SD card slot.

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    Genuino Starter Kit is the ultimate educational solution for learning how to use the Genuino platform. It contains a Genuino Uno Rev3 board, a collection of sensors and actuators, and a book that guides the absolute beginners from their very first steps with electronics into the world of interactive and sensing objects. The Genuino Starter Kit is a great...

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    This is a carrying box for the RF Explorer and its accessories. This case is also useful for DSO Nano/Quad scopes and probes and other cool devices lacking a carrying case. Dimensions: 15 x 11.5 x 7 cm

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    ESP32 is a highly-integrated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low-energy combo chip with in-built antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low noise receive amplifier, filters, and power management modules. Make your next IOT project really big with a Dual-core Tensilica LX6 microprocessor with up to 240MHz clock frequency, 520kB internal SRAM, 4MB Flash...

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    The Starter Kit Imagine for Arduino includes everything you need to start playing with electronics and the popular Arduino programming environment : an Imagine v1.2 board, fully Arduino R3 compatible, with all necessary cables, an enclosure and a set of most used electronics components including a prototyping plate and a convenient storage box.

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    Alfa Network AWUS036H is an IEEE 802.11b/g Long Range Wireless USB adapter. It is a perfect choice for WiFi security research, Wireless network monitoring and injection. This adapter comes with a 5dB antenna but you can connect any type of antenna thanks to its RP-SMA port. Compatible with Kali Linux, Raspberry Pi and Windows.

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    The proxmark3 is a powerful Penetration Testing and Research and development RFID tool. It is designed to snoop, listen and emulate everything from Low Frequency (125kHz) to High Frequency (13.56MHz) tags. It can act as a reader, a writer and clone a RFID tag. It can eavesdrop on a transaction between another reader and a tag, analyze a signal to perform...

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